About Me

Hi, my name is Lisa Blondel, but I’m known online simply as Rayaa, I’m a freelance VR artist based in Montpellier (France). I’ve always been a creative, exploring different mediums to express what’s inside my imagination. The leaps VR technologies have made those last years challenge how we perceive the constraints and limits of the physical world and open brand new perspectives of creation, pedagogy and social experiences. That is what I try to explore through my work.

Plato’s world of ideas is beautiful.

Carl Jung

Yes, the World of ideas is beautiful, and we now can experience it. I do not believe in Virtual Reality to replace or imitate reality. Instead I believe it has the power of pushing the borders of reality and bring to life experiences that go beyond the limits of imagination.

I’ve mostly been using Tilt Brush and MasterPiece VR as creation tools to built assets that I assemble inside Unity. My objective is to bring people new and unique experiences, invite them to question modern society issues while connecting back with essential and universal feelings.

Other Useful Competences

Alechemy Lab Alchemy Lab by Rayaa (2019) / Tilt Brush

Due to my curiosity, I also took a dive into the amazing world of “Coding”. I followed the Computer Science and Web Development career path courses on Codecademy during 2019. Understanding computer language and being able to read, understand and modify other people code happens to be an amazing creative and productive tool. I based my training around understanding the foundations behind computer languages, their logic, instead of only learning a specific language. This would not have been possible thanks <3 to the amount of free and available documentation online. This is what made it possible for me to learn to script in C#, Python or JS when I needed it in my projects.