Game Dev Logs

On that page, you’ll get monthly Logs about the game I’m developing. A long road waits ahead, let’s enjoy the view.

May 2020

I was thinking about that game too much without doing anything so I started taking notes about the gameplay, story, and how to put it all together.

I decided to give this kind of graphic atmosphere after good feedback from friends.

Lost Spirit Concept

When I finally had a good draft, it was time for paperwork. Summiting a project for fund can be thought, but it is a necessary part to develop ambitious pieces of art. So I stopped my drawings for few weeks and dived into paperwork…

June 2020

The files are ready to be sent to the CNC and the Taiwan VR Residency ! It was great filling them even if they refuse the funding (always look at the bright side of life ! ), as it made me think more about gameplay approach, storytelling and other parts of the game. I brainstormed so much those last weeks that I now have a finished game in mind ! On the side of the needed files, I now have a lots of notes and drafts about the different generative powers, the chronology of the game and many other points !

I should get answer for funding before august.

I also made a quick title screen in VR that you can download here I only put few teleport point to give an idea.