Lost Spirit

Let's try to develop a real game !

I believe it’s time to be a bit more ambitious and try to develop a real VR experience. I was brainstorming with some friends about ecology and how VR could be a great medium for educational purpose.

I got the idea of a world where you could throw seeds and it generate nice magical flowers bloom. I thought of a story where a Nature Spirit would ask you to plant seeds to restore ecosystems.

I worked a bit on some concept arts on Tilt Brush when I heard that the VR Arles festival just near where I live was calling for artistic project on VR and were proposing a one week artist residency this summer. They offer to meet VR experts to provide guidance in the development of a VR project. So I made a presentation file for what I call since then : The Lost Spirit project.

In the same time I heard of a another residency… Something that could get The Lost Spirit Project to be an amazing experience.

Taiwan VR Residency, organized by NewImages and Kaohsiung Film Festival, propose a funding plan and development help for a VR Project so I took The Lost Spirit concept further and made a presentation for it ! In the same time I asked for public fund to the CNC. I have a lot of faith in this project and will take it to the end no matters what, but the funding they propose would allow me to work a full time on it and release it before summer 2021 !

I’ll give update about those residencies, if they took me in or not…

You can follow logs about the creation prosses here

While waiting for the game you can have an idea of the graphic universe it’ll be by downloading this Concept Title Screen :


See you soon, cause I’m going on an adventure !!